A Gift for the Well-Groomed Man

Let’s face it – men are tough to buy for.

It can be a real test of your detective skills to figure out what to buy for your husband, brother, son, father, or any other male in your life. What do you notice him saying he needs? What is he looking for when he is rummaging in the garage? What commercials does he look interested in on the TV?

Sometimes you have to really search and think outside the box to come up with a good answer. That’s one of the reasons why it is so hard to write a guide on how to buy for men. As such, we’ve broken it down to be a bit more selective and will give you a great tip on what to get for the well-groomed man in your life.

Grooming Equipment

It’s not by chance that the special man in your life looks put together every time you see him. He’s spent some time thinking about how he wants to look and making sure he has the tools to pull it off. Whether that’s just a good razor, some hair product, or an intense cleaning routine, there are things he does to look that way every day. If you can figure out what he needs, there are multiple options when it comes to helping him look great ever day.


Beard Trimmer

Does he sport a beard, mustache, or good sideburns? If so, a beard trimmer is absolutely essential.

If he is already well-groomed, he may have one he prefers already, but if it’s getting old and worn down, you need to find out and you are then the hero when you swoop in and give him a top of the line beard trimmer.

You might find luck in an all-in-one version that has a foil shaver on one end and a trimmer on the other. Some even have edgers that you can use to define really sharp clean lines with. This will certainly help any well-groomed bearded man stay on top of his facial hair and come out looking clean and put together each and every day.

Nose Hair Trimmer

While certainly not as glamorous as some of the other options out there, how many men do you know who actually own a really good nose hair trimmer (or any one of these products for that matter)?

Men of all ages will have issues with errant nose hairs becoming annoying or unsightly. Rather than worrying about them being uncomfortable throughout the day or being an embarrassment in a business meeting, men should keep a trimmer to get their nose hairs in check. You can also get some options that are for nose, ear, and eyebrow hair, once again offering the all-in-one option for added convenience and value.

We recommend the NT9130 for the electric version and if you want a really cool little tool, the Groom Mate Platinum XL is a really cool manual trimmer that has nothing to do with electricity or motors.

Grooming Kit

There are kits out there that contain combs, brushes, oils, creams, tweezers, trimmers, and any assortment of items a man might need to make sure he is well-groomed. Sometimes it is the little things that make the biggest difference. You could look good but a bit unkempt if you don’t take care to get the little details. A grooming kit is usually made up of all the major tools a man needs to stay clean and tidy.

A nice leather bag filled with manly scents and tools is a great way to show your affection.

Whatever you choose, you might have to do a bit of leg work before you actually find the right gift! Men can be tricky, but we hope that with our guide above you won’t have as much trouble if you’re buying for a well-groomed man.

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