Gift Ideas for Computer Geeks

Looking for a holiday gift for your favorite techie or computer aficionado may seem like a daunting task. While shopping around you may begin to feel your wallet palpitate in your pocket. Many of the new hot tech toys can be quite expensive, not to mention complicated. For the low-tech-not-so-computer-savvy of us it may seem like a foreign language when the salesperson starts talking about bytes, whether mega or giga, or ram, or wi-fi. But you can still find a gift to please without taking out a second mortgage on the house or selling your soul to the proverbial devil.

It’s important to have an idea of what kind of equipment they already have. For example, what type of computer do they use, a Mac or a PC? When looking at software titles it’s important to make sure they support the computer type. Most techies love talking about their computers so you shouldn’t have a problem getting this information out of them without looking suspicious.

Gift Ideas for Computer Geeks

Do they have an MP3 player like an iPod? There are a wide variety of cases available both online and in stores that will reflect their personality and interests, as well as protect their precious investment. You also might consider one of the myriad of accessories designed especially for the iPod, like dock and speaker sets, which turn the unsuspecting gadget into a full-on stereo, or one of the many car accessories that will allow them to stream their playlist through their car stereo. You can also purchase gift cards for the iTunes store, so they can add to their extensive music library.

If they are of the gaming type, you can head over to your local electronics store and ask what the latest and greatest in computer gaming is. Make sure you know what system they are using, though – whether it’s an Xbox, a GameCube or a Playstation, as this will determine what version of the game you buy. Also be sure to get a gift receipt in case they get duplicate gifts, or in the case they already have the game you purchase. There seems to be a resurgence of vintage or ‘classic’ video gaming as well, in which case you may earn extra ‘cool points’ if you check out thrift stores or auction websites for old gaming systems, like Sega or Super Nintendo, in good and working condition.

Other gadgets to consider may be digital cameras and accessories and web-enabled cell phones. If you are still stuck for ideas, subscriptions to well-known tech magazines are make great gifts and go on all year, and gift certificates are always well received. The internet is a great tool in both researching and buying gifts for geeks, as well as minimizing the amount of time you’ll spend fighting holiday traffic, both on the road and at the malls. Click around and visit some of our sponsors for more great gift ideas and suggestions.

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