Gift Ideas for Hunters is There a Special Hunter in Your Life?

If you aren’t a hunter, you may wonder what you can possibly give a hunter that supports the hobby and isn’t too customized (or expensive).  Obviously, you aren’t going to buy a firearm or hunting boots – those are too specific to each person. Here are some great gift ideas that most hunters would enjoy.

Gift Ideas that are not Hunting Related

Hopefully (and legally), your hunter should not drink alcoholic beverages before or during hunting; but many hunters do like to toast a successful hunt once they are done. (In fact we keep our guns in a gun safe to keep them away from people that should not handle guns.)  Is your hunter a whiskey drinker?  A nice bottle of whiskey would do nicely.  Is your hunter a beer drinker?  Consider picking up some hunting themed beer like “Moose Drool,” “Trout Slayer,” or “Slow Elk.”  You could also consider engraved glasses for the after hunt toast with the names of the hunting crew!  Some hunters celebrate with a cigar at the end of the day as well, so you could consider a nice cigar.

Another good option for a hunter is a book.  There are all sorts of books about hunting, both fiction and non-fiction.  Your hunter also might have a great appreciation of the outdoors.  You could also consider a book that takes place in your special person’s favorite hunting area!



Hunting Related Gift Ideas

Does your hunter camp when he or she goes hunting?  If so, there are all sorts of camping gear that can support a hunt.  A headlamp is a necessity if you are spending any time outdoors.  There are also battery powered and solar powered tent lights.  Both of these can be useful if your hunter heads out early in the morning (before light) to a deer stand.  If your hunter is active in the winter, a warm pair of socks or base layer always goes a long way, as well as a warm hat.

If you are a worrier, like I am, you might want to invest in some safety gear to help you both feel more at ease.  If you don’t have a gun safe yet, then you should check out some of the modern advances with biometric gun safes.  There are also some great options for GPS tracking.  Does the hunter in your life own a smart phone?  Investigate some paid (and even free) GPS apps.

If you are worried that this could run down the batter life of the smart phone, there are a variety of cases or portable charges that can boost battery life without an outlet. They also have solar chargers available that hook up to devices via USB.  There are also stand alone portable GPS devices, some that you hold and there are also GPS watches.  Of course, you want to know where you are, but what if you can’t see anything?  Consider a nice set of binoculars, or even night vision goggles.  I know when I need night vision goggles, there is no substitute. For communication out on the hunt, your hunter might need a good set of walkie talkies, and for communication to those outside of the hunt (in an emergency) you could consider a satellite phone.

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