Gift Ideas for the In-Laws

Like many spouses, you may find yourself charged with the task of buying a gift for your in-laws, and haven’t a clue where to begin. There’s some good news: this is one of those rare cases that it’s okay to double-up and give a ‘combined gift’, therefore affording you to double your budget for a gift whilst halving the effort and resulting in a gift that is sure to earn you kudos from both your significant other and their parents.

You might want to take the following into consideration before you start shopping for holiday gifts: are you spouse’s parents are retired or not? What activities do they enjoy together? Do they have grandchildren? Do they travel a lot, or are they homebodies? Just these simple questions may point you to a gift solution.

Holiday Gift Ideas for the In-Laws

If they are proud grandparents, you have a wide variety of gift choices. Perhaps you could give them a digital camera, so they can capture all of those precious moments during the holidays and for years to come. Along the same lines, a scrapbook compiling a year’s worth of photographs is a lovely way to showcase memories and accomplishments. You might also consider having a professional family portrait taken and framed so they can hang it proudly on their walls.

If your in-laws have the travel bug, you could gift them with a new set of luggage, some themed travel guidebooks, or a subscription to a popular travel and lifestyle magazine all make great gifts for the travel-inclined. Neck pillows, blankets and other products that are specifically designed for travelers are sure to be appreciated the next time they set out on a long flight or drive.

Maybe they spend a lot of time in the kitchen, in which case you have boundless options. Consider a new set of knives or high-end cookware, an array of exotic spices or oils, or a series of cooking classes for couples. There are many stores, catalogues and websites that you can order gifts that will arrive monthly, such as seasonal fruits, vegetables, cheeses and meats – gifts that keep on giving throughout the year.

The same goes for the green-thumbed parents: specialty magazines, books and tools that are focused on gardening are all excellent choices. There are also a variety of ‘clubs’ that will deliver them with a gift every month for a year, a constant reminder of your love and appreciation.

If you are looking for something that will bring the family together, never underestimate the power of classic board games or puzzles that will provide everyone with hours of enjoyment.

If you combine your in-laws interests and hobbies with a little thought and creativity, you’ll find not only a holiday gift they will love, but also one you and your spouse will be happy to give them, one that reflects your love and appreciation for all that they do. Browse more gift ideas: Click here

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