Gift Ideas for Your Sports Fan

Certain special occasions can bring a lot of stress. Whether it’s Christmas time or a someone special in your life’s birthday, buying the perfect gift can be a challenge. Plus, it always seems like who ever you are buying for always has everything they need making the chore of buying a gift even more challenging. Luckily, there are options out there and they revolve around a favorite hobby for most people, especially men; Sports!

For the Fan

For that someone who enjoys watching more than they like playing their favorite sport, there are a variety of options available to you. First off, you need to know what team your special someone supports. There is nothing worse than buying someone a sports team specific gift, and getting the team completely wrong. Not only does it show laziness, but it also shows that you don’t know your special someone very well.


Once you have determined who they cheer for, it’s time to go out and find something suitable for them. Do they go to a lot of games live at the stadium? Maybe a jersey they can show off at their favorite stadium is the best choice. Do they enjoy watching the game from the comfort of their own home? A sweater or team branded sweatpants would be a couple of great options. Is your fan a cook? Take a look at your local sports store for some branded BBQ gear and serving trays.

Getting away from the gear, another great gift is to get them tickets for the upcoming big game! The really great thing about this is that they typically need someone to go with meaning you might be that special someone! An extra-special gift idea is to purchase them that hard to get ticket which is for a sold out sporting event. Places like Stub Hubb and Craigslist are the best option for these events but watch out because they can be expensive.

For the Player

If you are buying a gift for a sports player, much like knowing which team they support, you need to know what sports they play. If they are a casual softball player, look no further than the brand new softball bats and baseball gloves including the DeMarini ‘J3’ softball bat and Rawlings Primo Series. Some of the best gear on the market, any player will be more then pumped for some brand new gear.

Have a runner in the family? Check out Nike’s new offerings of high performance running shoes. Not sure about the right size? Get them a gift card and give them the power to choose their own gear for their upcoming big run.

No matter the type of sports fan, having the newest gear is something everyone appreciates. The next time you’re stuck on what to get that special someone for Christmas or their Birthday just remember the guide above; it might just be a Homerun.

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