Holiday Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

Teenage girls are a notoriously picky bunch, and finding the perfect holiday gift may seem like a frightening task. Equipped with a little knowledge and research, you’ll be able to find a gift she’s sure to love, and save you from pulling your hair out and wandering aimlessly around a mall. Get more about holiday gift visit:

If the teenager in question is your own daughter, you should already have a little insight into her interests and hobbies. If she’s a bookworm, you might consider a collection of books by her favorite author or in her favorite genre. If she’s a music buff, listen for names of bands that she likes, and pay attention to her music collection – this will help you choose CDs and concert tickets should you decide to add to it. Maybe she’s a budding fashionista, in which case you could gift her with a subscription to a well-known fashion magazine, and a few new pieces to add to her wardrobe. Make sure you keep receipts and tags for clothing and shoes to ensure an easy exchange or return if needed.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

If the teen girl you’re buying a gift for isn’t your daughter, it might seem like a more difficult task than it actually is. If you aren’t sure, do a little research and ask her parents what her interests are: what kind of music does she listen to? What sports does she play? Is there something specific that she’s had her eye on for a while? You should try and steer clear of clothing for teenage girls, as sizing and taste varies greatly. A gift card or certificate to a trendy store might be a better choice in this case. There are also lots of fun scarves, gloves and winter hats in stores this type of year, that don’t require specific knowledge of sizing, but still make great gifts for girls.

Make-up and toiletries always make fantastic gifts for teenage girls. Many stores and websites offer fun holiday promotions and gift sets, packed with fun lip-glosses, perfumes, body lotions and washes that girls always seem to love. Teen girls also love candles and accessories for their bedrooms, which are widely considered as an oasis and an escape away from what they consider a drama-filled life. Generally, holiday gift baskets and packs come pre-wrapped in pretty little bags or baskets, which means less work for you, and more bang for your buck.

Other great gift ideas to consider are concert tickets for the next time her favorite band is in town, fun and trendy jewelry and hair accessories, or pajamas and slippers. Journals are also a trusty and popular gift for this age group, as are notebooks, stationery and note-card sets; look for monograms or initials for that special, personalized touch.

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